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New management at MediaWorks are facing a challenge. – how to negotiate with the broadcasters’ s biggest star. There is a lot of confusion and spin over the future of the Paul Henry breakfast show and Story. And they suggest that the the network is still dysfunctional. The Weekend Herald reported on Saturday Henry would be moving to prime time and Story Duncan Garner would take over the Breakfast show. On Sunday he rejected the assertion in Stuff.

 “I seriously just don’t give a s*** about any of this. I’m not moving to another show.”I’m not moving to 7 o’clock because I have no interest in doing that, and for a number of years have not been interested in doing that.

MediaWorks news boss Hal Crawford
MediaWorks news boss Hal Crawford

On Monday’s programme he lambasted The Herald for their coverage. A MediaWorks source said that it had been leaked from people at MediaWorks who are admirers of Henry. I am told the suggestions in the Herald piece reflect discussions about Henry’s future. But the information was not made by Henry, the source said.

In my opinion it would make much more sense to have a prime time Henry Show at 6.30 pm, not 7pm. They could revert to a half hour Newshub show. In that case, Paul Henry would be right in saying he is not moving to a 7pm show.

Other ideas might be thrown into the Henry discussion. The MediaWorks source suggested to me that Henry, aged 56, is said to be interested in a lighter workload that allows him to pursue his lifestyle and personal interests.

TV3 does not have the luxury of a headlining weekly or bi-weekly vehicle for its only star. In my opinion the approach spelled out by the Weekend Herald – moving Henry to prime time – makes the most sense and TV3 in moving forward.

MediaWorks new news boss Hal Crawford and new CEO Michael Anderson will be aware of Henry’s value to MediaWorks. it is as a regular daily talent who brings in the audience and ad revenue.

Henry is independently wealthy and could conceivably walk away if management does not give him the show he wants, for the money he wants. MediaWorks really needs some more stars.

(MediaWorks declined to clarify the future of the shows saying it does not comment on speculation. The referred to comments by Henry on his show)



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