Welcome to zagzigger.com. It’s an eclectic mix of news and opinion about the wider media world, sprinkled with music videos and humour. I’m a journalist by trade, but I like to have a laugh. Advertisers: I’m also happy to talk and can offer very cheap rates while the site builds an audience. Zagzigger.com is allied to my twitter account, @Zagzigger2.

About me:  I’ve been a journalist for 30 years, much of it reporting on the media. For the past ten years I have produced a media column for the NZ Herald. Previously I wrote for OnFilm, Ad Media and and AdMedia Fastline. At National Business Review I wrote a column and articles on advertising and marketing. In London I was senior writer for Financial Times Screen Finance, rising to editor. I have been New Zealand correspondent for Variety magazine and a columnist for the TV Guide.