A Dollar Short and Six Months Late

I’m betwixt and between over Wikileaks and its involvement in the US election. Nobody doubts the emails through her campaign manager John Podesta are real.

Late campaign risks a Trump victory
Late campaign risks a Trump victory

But very of the revelations s0 far have been surprising. They underline manipulation of media that applies to all politicians. The one exception is highlighted in an interview of Julian Assange by John Pilger. It points US friends Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar funding Isis, which is conducting crimes against humanity, and which the US claims to be dead against.


Like many liberal armchair foreign relations students, I am supporter of Wikileaks. That goes back to the famous indictment on war called Collateral Murder. I can understand the Wikileaks logic that it should get out all the information it has as at a time when it is relevant, right before an election. But I wonder about a poorly explained association with the Russian government. And I wonder about the lack of any useful information about the dangers of Trump. Nowadays, we see Right wing nutcases praising Wikileaks for its anti Clinton campaign. Last week Wikileaks retweeting items from Fox News. It’s a “World Gone Mad”as they say.


It seems to me that anything it does to undermine Clinton will help Trump to be president – and that will lead to more suffering. Assange insists that the “Establishment” – which almost wholly backs Clinton would “not allow” a Trump victory. Which may or may not be true. I don’t think Wikileaks should base the future of the world on one of Julian Assange’s reckons.images-23

This campaign against Clinton would have been better released six months ago when Bernie Sanders was fighting for the Democratic nomination. As it stands the Wikileaks campaign looks like Assange’s hubris against Clinton. Below is an example where Wikileaks showed the horrors of war, and did not choose goodies and baddies,





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