Bi-monthly Metro. New Auckland Weekly Soon

Bauer is turning Auckland city magazine Metro from a monthly to a bi-monthly publishing once every two months, it is understood. The change is believed to be linked to Bauer launching of a new weekly title that will be unveiled on Thursday. Metro has struggled a long time against shifts in the way people use media – all print publications have. Bauer has been ways for it to maintaining its share of advertising income. The end to publishing ten issues a year will be a loss for those of us who have seen it as at historical centre of Auckland’s media heritage. But many will be relieved the brand has survived to live again another form, albeit with fewer issues.

Simon Wilson and editor Susannah Walker
Simon Wilson and editor Susannah Walker


Nadia Lim will have her own magazine like Oprah
Nadia Lim will have her own magazine

But the focus on current affairs did not lessen the financial challenges on the magazine,

Bauer NZ chief executive Paul Dykzeul would not give details on a new weekly for the eastern suburbs but on September 23 the Herald reported him saying the new magazine would not not intrude on Bauer’s existing titles.

The Herald Media column wrote:

“Among … other projects  Bauer is developing a bi-monthly magazine based on the thoughts and celebrity of 2011 MasterChef winner Nadia Lim.

Lim is one of the founders and a shareholder in the food delivery firm My Food Bag. However the Nadia Lim magazine is a venture between her and Bauer, and does not involve My Food Bag.

Lim’s PR consultant, Deborah Pead, optimistically compared the magazine to O: The Oprah Magazine in the US.

The magazine would not be solely about food and would include travel and Lim’s stories about entrepreneurs,” Pead said.

Bauer New Zealand CEO Paul Dykzeul confirmed going bi-monthly was one of the options being considered and said details of a new weekly would likely be announced on Thursday.



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