Fairfax says: We are the bold new world Company confident in its new strategy - as it merges with NZME.

The following item reads like a situations vacant advertisement, but appeared in the editorial pages of Stuff. It shows Fairfax is looking at in the bold new era at a time just as its parent company works on a a merger of its New Zealand business with NZME. You might think suggests this hyper-local approach will be an aspect of the new local listed company, which has not yet been formed. Australian owners for the two are not addressing the issue publicly.

“Fairfax Media New Zealand is embarking on an exciting new chapter of hyper-local journalism in our communities – and we are looking for great talent. With a key focus on hyper-local journalism and innovative digital storytelling, we are changing the world of journalism. We want clever journalists and newsroom leaders who want to reach out to their communities, and engage and build bigger audiences.”

Fairfax wants reporters, senior Reporters  News Directors – Communities and a Chief News Director and despite the changes ahead. According to the Stuff item:

“We are confident about our strategy. We are also passionate about our newsroom teams and our strength and ability to keep delivering the best news and information to our audiences well into the future. Be part of our new journey. If you are forward thinking and want to stretch your boundaries, engage with local communities and have some fun along the way then get in touch,” the item says.


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