Can Morning Report Build From The Mike Hosking Fall? Breakfast of Champions

When the radio industry changed to new combined GfK ratings system at the start of his year, commercial radio bosses insisted that RNZ National results should be kept separate from their own. Despite collecting similar information, it is hard to compare commercial and public broadcasting figures. Maybe the commercial radio people saw trouble ahead. unknown-67In this, the third survey of the year, Morning Report appears to be holding up well and National Radio maintains a 10.5 per cent share of the total radio audience. Meanwhile, Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB has taken a big tumble. Lets wait until the next survey. Things could turn around. But it seems possible that Hosking is losing his tight grip on the breakfast talk audience. Are people falling out of love with The Hosk?


Why would that be? Hosking and the Newstalk still puts together a tight show, and he has not changed his style. Newstalk ZB breakfast has dominated ratings for decades. To me the problem is that Hosking has become over exposed. His radio gig is one thing. Then he does Seven Sharp on TVNZ 1 as well.

It’s true that Paul Holmes had a similar double up. But lets face it, Seven Sharp is nowhere near as substantial the Holmes Show, Hosking’s high profile role seems to be churning out homilies or chiding people whom he considers ne’er-do-wells.

Then Hosking turns up on nzherald,, and even gets satirised on NZME sister station Radio Hauraki, The Paul Henry Show has been making big strides in breakfast television ratings, and to a lesser extent for radio. Last survey its breakfast radio market share increased from a 5,9 per cent to 6.3 per cent share of the breakfast radio audience. In a shock decision earlier this month, Henry said he was leaving at the end of the year.


I like his replacement Duncan Garner who is currently on RadioLive Drive Time. But MediaWorks is bound to lose some of Henry’s breakfast audience.

I am told RNZ bosses realises this is a big chance for Morning Report to break through. Its true, some Hosking listeners would never listen to RNZ – especially in Auckland where Newstalk has a hold the consciousness. They are used to the rhythm of commercial radio. But if Guyon Espiner and Susie Ferguson could continue to make improvements to Morning Report it could be a game changer.

“In the GfK ratings Newstalk ZB’s market fell nationally from 11.7 to 9.9 per cent and in Auckland it was down from 14 to 11.2 per cent. Hosking dropped nationally from a 14.8 per cent share to 12. 7 per cent.”


Latest audience estimates for National Radio shows

Morning Report (6am-9am) 379,800.

Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan 283,000.

Jesse Mulligan 1-4pm 234,700.

The Panel with Jim Mora 4pm-5pm weekdays 193,500.

Checkpoint with John Campbell (5pm-6:30pm) 239,100.

Nights with Bryan Crump 168,800.

Saturday Morning with Kim Hill (Saturday 8am-12pm) 226,400.

Sunday Morning with Wallace Chapman (Sunday 7am-12pm) 236,600,




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