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Labour Stumbles Back Into The Unhappy Shire

It is very early days. But the new government looks headed for a fall in its relationship with mainstream media. They talk to the whole country, not just the true believers.

That includes the 44 per cent of the country that did not vote for Labour, the Greens or New Zealand First.

She needs to listen to the sceptics.

As it stands, Labour seems to be entranced by the euphoria of MPs and activists who are enjoying a new taste of power.

But the Government has to represent the whole country and it needs to stop ignoring sceptics.

Two incidents have highlighted  the problem in the early since the coalition was unveiled.

The Government appears to be ignoring political and media management over contentious policies

The first was the announcement of the Auckland petrol tax and the second is the implementing a reversal of the Hobbit Law,.

In both cases  Labour has charged ahead to implement policies without selling them.

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