Comedy Will Run “Story” Replacement – Betcha.

Comedian Guy Williams is expected to have a major role
Comedian Guy Williams is expected to have a major role

MediaWorks insists its new comedy news show “The Project” replacing “Story” is a joint venture between the news and entertainment divisions.  But based on what my sources are saying, the kiwi version of the Australian format show will be entertainment pure and simple – with little involvement from news.

It seems the entertainment operation had always wanted to take over the 7pm slot from news. After the Campbell Live debacle and poor ratings for Story, content boss Andrew Szusterman had convinced management that news and current affairs would not work. The Project has won accolades and seven Logie awards in Australia.

The big question is how the New Zealand’s version will compare given it will have much lower budgets.

“The Project” is not a sure bet. There has big challenges getting it ready for the first quarter of 2017 next year. New Zealand has some talented comedians and writers.

But will the Seven Days team that will have a big role be up to the challenge for a daily prime time show that promises funny TV. The Seven Days crew will have a big role. The Friday night show about four hours to make a half hour programme. Tv3 deserves the best of luck with The Project. I was not a huge fan of Story, but they did try. The Project in Australia has been successful with generous budgets and top talent. But will that happen here?

Lazy journalist research: What Wikipedia says about the format for The Project:unknown-66

The main content of the show revolves around Aly, Bickmore and Helliar at the desk discussing some of the news events of the day as reported by Bickmore. This discussion often involves live crosses to reporters or guests via satellite. Special guests, often of a celebrity nature, also regularly appear in studio, usually during each show’s final segments. In addition, the show features pre-recorded interviews with celebrities, conducted by either one of the main cast or US correspondent Jonathan Hyla. Feature stories by the main cast, often of a humorous but insightful nature, are also prominent throughout each week.

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