Fight Club: Sky versus TVNZ Broadcasters break silence and first rule of First rule of Fight Club

Sky TV is breaking the first rule of Fight Club and talking about their fight. The good news is that it offers some transparency about the changes to modern media and the way it affecting what we see. Sky is cracking down on TVNZ use of clips from Sky exclusive sports on its news bulletins and websites and chief executive John Fellet saying the state broadcaster is in breach of “fair dealing” and wrongfully undermining its rights and subscription revenue. “We are happy for use in news  but TVNZ is going well beyond fair dealings,” he says. TVNZ says it is within the rules, and Sky is not up with changes to the online world (ouch).

The New Zealand Herald reports

 “The issue has come to a head with Sky warning TVNZ ahead of its coverage of last weekend’s Parker-Takam boxing match. Following the warning, TVNZ used only still pictures in its coverage of the fight, a pay-per-view venture between Sky and promoter Duco..John Gillespie, TVNZ’s head of news and current affairs, rejects claims TVNZ is going beyond fair dealings.”

Sky has been on the other side of a dispute over medias right to take limited footage to feature in news coverage,  During the 2007 Rugby World Cup, the then rights holder TV3 won an interim injunction that stopped Sky using TV3 held footage n its websites, This time Sky is on the front foot threatening legal action and claiming TVNZ has been wrongly using its news and magazine style news items on TVNZ websites. A  long running and festering dispute with Sky sending a lawyers letter warning about in advance of the Parker-Takem fight, Intellectual Property law expert Rick said arguments over “fair dealing” access for other media had turned up before but with changes in the media and development of online sites they were likely to occur more often. 10539259Online media sources said there had always been tensions between online media and rights holders over what was fair dealing for news coverage. There were bound to be disputes given the cajan going role of news websites to include magazine style content. He said that TVNZ had pushed the envelope more than other publishers, but that just reflected given the increasing demand for video content  Sources said the disparate relates to use of clips on b illations and extended content t used for online sites.In other cases broadcasters have used clips from Sky games that showed big mash ups at sports events that were main ly eye catychingh imagers rather than news,Unknown-5TVNZ head of news and cyurent affairs John Gillespie rejected sky’s claims it was using extended clips that went beyond fair dealing.sent a noticing of potential lawyers actyi0on if they breached rules and subsequently TVNZ coverage of the Duco event was shown with stills alone, John Fellet is insisting that TVNZ meet with sky to hammer out the issue and says that any agreement that is reached might have an impact ty on other online sites.


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  1. Fair use is acceptable if the use is properly accredited to the owner. However, that would be still images only. I don’t believe that would apply to using video footage and the like. Whether we like it or not (and I don’t), Sky Television owns the rights to many of New Zealand’s top sporting events and as such they have other media companies, and New Zealanders themselves, by the short and curly’s.

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