Put Some Oomph Into The Project

Caption: Maybe Jeremy Corbett or Paul Ego could help The Project cut through with the audience.

I am hoping that the core audience for The Project sticks with the show and gives MediaWorks time to fix it. Lord knows, audiences nowadays are not patient allowing new shows to settle in. But there is clearly a good idea there. It might just mean changing the line-up.

It is hard to foresee it taking viewers from Seven Sharp let alone Shortland Street. In my opinion, they need to push the news element harder or they need to get out of purveying news altogether. Paul Henry – for all his polarising appeal – could do a combo of comedy and news.

Josh, Jesse and Kanoa.

But Media Works has tried and failed to get him on board in a bigger role – so that seems to be a non-starter. The best option may be to abandon the concept of comedy-news and becomes simply a comedy show about the news. Like Seven Days.

It predecessor “Story”with Duncan Garner and Heather du Plessis-Allan.

There is no disrespect intended with this comment. Creating a new show is hard, let alone at 7pm in high summer introducing a new genre-busting concept like .he Project. I understand it’s run by the entertainment division, and the news operation has a comparatively small role, though Mediaworks rejects that suggestion,  The Project is bright and cheerful and lite and I can see it might appeal to people who are not interested in the news. But people I talk to in that target demo say that they have popped in to see the show and it not given them enough reason to hang around.

It needs some oomph and Jesse Mulligan, Kanoa Lloyd and Josh Thompson don’t provide it. I don’t mind Josh Thomson – the chubby jokester actually looks to be clear about his role. Kanoa Lloyd seems very nice and is confident in front of the camera. But she has to be more than that in her central role.  Jesse Mulligan seems a thoroughly nice chap.

Maybe The Project needs to turn to comedy if Three can’t find their own Waleed Aly.

Maybe he is just being spread too thin. He works nights doing restaurant reviews and emceeing and on Afternoons at Radio New Zealand. Is there anything left in the tank when he arrives at Three?
If they went for more of a comedy approach, I wonder if Jeremy Corbett or even Paul Ego, could make it more appealing to a wider audience. They might be old for the target demo,  but they seem able to deliver impromptu wit. Something is needed. The Project in Australia has an edge in its news. It had problems at the start, but they fixed it by hiring the star host and clear leader Waleed Aly. In my opinion, MediaWorks needs to find their version of Waleed Aly – an able news broadcaster. Either that or turn to comedy.

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