No Hilary – No Cry Paul Henry is still a threat to TVNZ Breakfast

CAPTION: Sam Hayes has been a breath of fresh air.

MediaWorks has problems ahead. But Hilary Barry’s exit from Mediaworks has not been the cataclysm TVNZ might have hoped for. Last month journalists shed tears in column inches because the “much loved” newsreader had resigned. Many of us expect she will wind up at TVNZ in a revamp of its programme Breakfast. (See “An Angel at Our Newsdesk”, passim)

Barry was good. But the world did not end when she left. According to Nielsen TAM ratings figures supplied by MediaWorks, ratings have not dropped since Hilary left. In my opinion Newshub works better with Hayes opposite Mike McRoberts.  Hayes can be a clothes horse occasionally.

Barry was good. But the world did not end when she left
Barry was good. But the world did not end when she left

But I prefer the straight way she delivers the news, without the clever quirks Hilary had. (Having said that, remember that One News has rated significantly better than TV3 for a long time now). Barry’s departure is noticed much more on the Paul Henry breakfast show, where she was a good foil to motormouth Henry. I wonder if Ingrid Hipkiss is the right person to replace Barry long term . Hipkiss is a good television presenter, but in my opinion she is not a good match with Henry. Whatever, the Henry show ratings do not seem to have been affected, according to  Nielsen TAM ratings figures supplied by MediaWorks.

Henry remains a commercial threat to TVNZ”s Breakfast. The number of total viewers on TVNZ Breakfast aged over five years is still a lot more than Paul Henry. But there have been several occasions where the Henry show has outperformed Breakfast.

Paul Henry is a threat to TVNZ Breakfast
Paul Henry is a threat to TVNZ Breakfast

On Wednesday, for instance, Henry secured an audience across the show of 89,500 in 25-54, and 205,300 in the total audience for people aged over five years. In the same period, Breakfast attracted 78,100 in 25-54, and 184,200 in the total audience aged over five years,

  • The 2016 25-54 audience for Paul Henry until 27 May was 71,200 per episode. Breakfast was 81,500. 5+ was 142,900 for Paul Henry, 209,600 for Breakfast. They are close.
  • The month before 30 May the 25-54 audience for Paul Henry was 77,200 per episode. Breakfast was 79,300. The 5+ audience was 156,600 for Paul Henry, 196,900 for Breakfast. From 30 May till 21 June, the 25-54 audience for Paul Henry has been 78,900 per episode,
  • Breakfast has been 71,300, and 5+ was 150,200 for Paul Henry, 192,700 for Breakfast.
  • MediaWorks says Paul Henry has outperformed Breakfast in its target demographic of 25-54 10 times since 30 May. TVNZ acknowledge dispute the figures you have. Breakfast remains New Zealand’s most watched morning news programme, said spokeswoman Georgie Hills.
  • MediaWorks is at pains to point out that the Henry show is a radio programme with TV, not the other way around. Henry on RadioLive is not having a big impact on Mike Hosking at Newstalk ZB, as the TV show is having on TVNZ.



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One thought on “<span class="entry-title-primary">No Hilary – No Cry</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Paul Henry is still a threat to TVNZ Breakfast</span>”

  1. Your posts are always interesting and informative John. I am amazed so many people watch television in the morning. You’re right about Barry. She doesn’t seem to be missed and is now just part of broadcasting history.

    I can’t get anything from current affairs TV at all these days, as it always seems so far behind the internet or twitter, and almost always the opinions expressed come from a tired old progressive perspective that I just cannot sympathize or identify with.

    Paul Henry or Breakfast, who cares????

    I find Australian & American politics far more interesting these days, because at least there is a clear battle of ideas, whereas NZ politics seems to be all about the same idea with a bit of disagreement on the detail.

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