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The breakfast table can be a battle zone that would benefit from some peace and quiet. But I wonder if the proposed matching of Hilary Barry and Jack Tame might be just … well  … too nice. I know some commentators and women’s mags “love” Hilary and maybe she will surprise us taking lead as The wild One to Jack’s Tame. The older woman, younger man combo has worked on Australia’s Nine Network.

A presenter, not an interviewer

But first impressions are that the pairing lacks an edge. She was TV3’s Woman Next Door. He still is TVNZs boy next door (even at 29) Tame is a solid TV reporter but I have never seen him get his gander up like Hosking, Holmes or Henry. Barry’s talents  are in presenting not interviewing. I guess they could get an acerbic weather person to mash it up. To honest I wonder if TV3 and Radio Live  should rethink their strategy for the Breakfast TV. You see the logic of using Paul Henry in the morning to compete on two levels against TVNZ and Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB. Henry is valuable and should be on prime time TV as well –  maybe in a split shift between breakfast and prime time TV. He could be like MediaWorks’ version of Mike Hosking.





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  1. Yet another reason not to watch a show I have not watched for decades.

    Does anyone with a working brain need the endlessly boring commie crap of Jack Tame??

    I don’t get the MSM at all. They’re going broke, yet they’re still determined to drive a large proportion of their audience away by constantly pandering to the far left.

    The management of these media organisations make lemmings look smart.

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