Hosking attacked abused mayor Personal rant reflects on State TV

Opinion: TVNZ  is blasé about the need to appear politically neutral. On Thursday a rant by SevenSharp’s Mike Hosking showed the state broadcaster captured by a conservative commentator. Hosking attacked New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd who featured in a thoughtful item about his backing assured Maori representative on the local council. The public had voted against the idea, and Judd was not standing again due to public abuse of him and his family. The attack appeared personal.

He had been itching to have a go even before the start of the item, saying nobody would be interested outside New Plymouth anyway. After it ran he dismissed Judd as “completely out of touch with Middle New Zealand.” TVNZ will insist Hosking’s take on what was normal was his personal view. But he reality is that he is seen by many as reflecting the editorial position of the state broadcaster. The outburst was “clarified” on Friday when Hosking said he might have been misunderstood. On Saturday the millionaire commentator Gareth Morgan went into high dudgeon saying Hosking was “using State-owned media to amplify the ignorance of bigots” and “that was surely something the managers of TVNZ should be held accountable for” he said. In my opinion Hosking can say what he likes in his Newstalk ZB show. He is entitled to a view and there are many people who will agree with him. However, after all this time TVNZ remains incautious about his editorialising and the way it reflects on the State broadcaster. Picture: YouTube

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7 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Hosking attacked abused mayor</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Personal rant reflects on State TV</span>”

  1. Hosking was a disgrace on Thursday night. I haven’t seen his Friday rant and I have no desire to because it will ring hollow after Thursday where his comments reflected the experience Andrew Judd had spoken in the piece that was run. Toni Street’s pathetic agreeing response to Mike Hosking on Thursday confirms that Hosking is allowed too much rope. She was disappointing too.

    1. I firmly believe we would be much better of without Mike Hosking giving his opinion
      He is not an example I wish to follow as he mostly represents a view that doesn’t offer any maturity or reflection of us as a society.
      Society has to accommodate all views not just those of the bigots

  2. I was so disgusted by his rhetoric on Thursday that even today I am livid. TVNZ need to keep a lid on him. He is racist and yet thinks middle Pakeha New Zealand are also racist like him, that he thinks he can get away with what he said. And yes he did get a way with it didn’t he. I agree with Melanie that Toni Street not denying what Hosking said was basically agreeing with what he said. So unfortunately my estimations of Street is relegated to children’s presenter, she’s in the wrong job.

  3. hosking is only using us as cannon fodder to promote hosking…everytime we react he smiles…but he’s not there for any form of journalistic integrity…

  4. Hosking is John Key’s media mouthpiece, in that he gets to rant and rave and give his right wing views to the public audience every weeknight. His view seldom, if ever, differs from the National Party approach and is therefore a National Party stooge preaching to the people (echoes of George Orwell’s 1984).

    1. I take view Hosking can say what he likes in radio and print. But his comments on TVNZ imply backing of the state.

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