JT’s Quiet Hunt For A New Maori TV Studio Reprised: Zagzigger.com June 2 2016.

The selection of a new base for Maori TV coincides with the departure of CEO Paora Maxwell. This article shows that the board has been looking for a new building for more than one year. There was an intense push to keep it in Auckland after a push to move to Rotorua. John Tamihere was appointed to the Board of Maori TV in March 2016.

Time is starting to run out for finding a new studio for Maori TV. The lease on Newmarket studios doesn’t run out for nearly a year – but there are a lot of requirements for a TV studio. The foundation CEO Derek Fox chose the present location back in 2004 and it has served the channel well, but the building is expensive and the five-year lease runs out in May 2017. (The lease has since been extended)

The Maori TV chief executive Paora Maxwell and chair Georgina te Heu Heu wanted the channel moved to Rotorua – with the argument the city was more steeped in Maori-ness.

Georgina te Heuheu (centre) and Paora Maxwell
Georgina te Heuheu (centre) and Paora Maxwell

Local Kaumatua, Sir Toby Curtis was behind the idea and local Maori even offered free land for a new studio. But Auckland-based staff were mostly against the idea, and some thought the tribal links would diminish its reputation into a regional enterprise. Auckland is seen by many as more pan-tribal. The issue also fed into a debate in Maoridom between the importance of tribal iwi, and the urban Maori movement led by Waipareira Trust chairman led Willie Jackson and John Tamihere who controls Radio Waatea in Auckland. Anyway. More to the point, the government hated the idea and after a lot of legwork, Maori TV was forced back to the drawing board. Waipareira Trust took centre stage building a studio in West Auckland, Chief executive John Tamihere – backed by Jackson – worked on the Trust developing a new Maori TV HQ in West Auckland.

Willie and JT. Maori businessmen and politicians about town.
Willie and JT. Maori businessmen and politicians about town.

A TV producer who is not normally a JT fan,  said he had came up with an impressive idea using the former Waitakere City Council chambers. That had to be dropped because the conversion could not be complete before the Newmarket lease expired. Tamihere declined to comment on his task. But it is understood he is now trawling the streets of South Auckland for Maori TV to find a building under $9 million that could be easily converted into a Maori tinsel town.

Note: it is not clear whether the East Tamaki building used for Maori TV was located by john Tamihere



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