A Kiwi Kim Dotcom comedy could be funny But its too hot for New Zealand to handle

CAPTION: I doubt the NZ networks would be brave enough


It is an astonishing story. Helicopters, firepower, a ridiculous mansion on the edge of town and a comic book German tech hero who finances the subversion of the political system. There was the spectacle of the damp squib Moment of Truth – and his appearing on bus backs to advertise his very bad record. This was a certain time and place in New Zealand history that should be recorded in more than newsreels, and Australian TV would have done it ages ago.

Kim Dotcom and the mother of his children, Mona
Kim Dotcom and wife Mona in 2014.

Obviously there would be legal issues. It was wonderfully surreal, and the government took it so seriously. I would play it for laughs.

Journalists and hangers on flocked to swim with him
Journalists and hangers on flocked to swim with him

Yet I cannot imagine New Zealand TV networks making this show, either as a comedy or as a dramatised documentary. At least not while National is in power. This topic will have to wait a few years till it is no longer too hot to handle. And that is the trouble living in a little country like New Zealand. It seems like nobody in TV would take the risk. Maybe it would work better as a movie.

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