Max Key And The Unlit Smoke. It’s A Publicity Stunt, Innit?

Caption: This picture was bound to be contentious 

It might be that that media have got carried away criticising Max Key for posing with a smoke for this Remix “fashion shoot.” The PM’s son was his undies, airing his shoulders and wearing a bandana, to show how cool smoking really is.

Topless photo of a cancerous lung.
Topless photo of a cancerous lung.

I can’t get too upset about the PM”s son in his gruds. It is hard to not believe this is a publicity stunt that is delivers more media coverage. In my opinion a fashion magazine like Remix would have known that putting a cigarette PM’s would get coverage, and it did.  That is celebrity publicity. But please – Max – don’s start using Dad’s logic to explain his your way out of trouble.

Max says holding a cigarette is not endorsing them, in the same way that holding a snake does not mean you endorse them. It’s almost textbook JK. wrote:

 ” If I was smoking it I think it’s a completely different story, but an unlit cigarette, I mean people hold them all the time.”I’m not endorsing smoking, it’s part of the look of what they [Remix] were going for and what they were trying to present.” He added: “There’s a lot of people being like, ‘Oh smoking, blah, blah, blah’, I guarantee most of them have smoked in their life. I think it’s a little bit like they’re just trying to find something to pick on. “In movies all the time people smoke, or a model might have to hold a snake, that doesn’t mean they like snakes, or they’re endorsing snakes, it’s just part of the photograph.

He’s right of course – it is something to pick on – but that is why the media has adopted him. It is total bullshit and the only saving grace is that it doesn’t matter very much.

Dad likes creative logic explaining media gigs
Dad used creative logic explaining why he was locked in a cage as part of a MediaWorks stunt.

Max may be an okay DJ but the only reason he is getting photos taken of him fondling a cigarette while in undies is because he is the Prime Minister’s son. He has sought a  career in media and his father is an asset to that. The picture is clickbait – the same as this item really following the public demand for celebrity. But please, no more comparing a cancer stick with snake. Source:

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3 thoughts on “Max Key And The Unlit Smoke. It’s A Publicity Stunt, Innit?”

  1. Yeah, and I can hold an AK-47 too, but it’s not endorsing gun use – or is it? Actually, yes it is. The cigarette was superfluous and not needed in the shot, and it was there to bring in a “cool” factor. Key Jnr knows that – he just won’t admit so publicly. To think otherwise is to be naive, at best.

    1. I’m even more cynical and wonder if the cigarette was designed to make it contentious and get more promotion. I’m prepared to believe that Max is naive about media – and going with the flow works fine

      1. That’s a very good point. It would be a great way to get additional exposure for his photo shoot and his father is not above using such measures to promote causes; so why should the son?

        That’s not cyncism, John, that’s accurate analysis.

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