MediaWorks has asked Hilary to stay on But that is unlikely to happen

MediaWorks has been trying to coax Hilary Barry into calling off her resignation and staying with TV3, now that Mark Weldon has gone. But a pal tells me she won’t be changing her mind and is still set on joining TVNZ later in the year. TVNZ will be looking at ratings after Barry has gone to see how big a part was a big a part of ratings success that led to the Henry show challenging Breakfast for the timeslot. Or will her replacement have the same pulling power.

Barry has been such a good foil to Henry- fitting in with his madcap style and developing her own persona at the same time. The show’s gradual improvement through 2015 has been in marked contrast with TVNZ Breakfast which has become more bland. predictable and  dull.images-11 In that sense putting Barry on Breakfast makes perfect sense. She won’t be starting at TVNZ until later in  the year, so that would be plenty time for a likely big shake-up at Breakfast. How would she fit? Rawdon Christie is definitely not shock jock like Henry, and he needs to be given more energy not calmed down. Ali Pugh’s role when she returns from mothers leave is unclear. Barry is reported to have been offered $500,000 so a job on Breakfast and with the show on the verge of loss that spending seems extravagant. At MediaWorks her package at MediaWorks was split three ways with simulcast of the Henry show on TV3 and RadioLive, while fronting the 6pm news. A TVNZ source said Barry would likely fill in elsewhere and have other news roles at TVNZ.  With Barry waiting in the wings, One News co-host Wendy Petrie might be feeling nervous at the moment. But a TVNZ source said she should not be. images-12TVNZ will be be wary messing around with One News, at least for this calendar year. It is rating incredibly well and there double act of her and Simon Dallow seems to work.


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  1. just because hilary barry is a good sop for paul henry ( whom i love on-air) doesn’t mean she will automatically transfer some sort of magic wand if she’s given her own show over on TVNZ….it’s a fallacy that ‘entertainers’ can tow their audience with them and ratings will automatically follow…it will if the show they leave, throws a big gap and plunges into mediocrity without them but i don’t think Hilary is the pivotal or important to the show…the bigger question is who her replacement would be, as sanctioned by paul because he’s only concerned about his brand not being affected and his accelerating ratings not being impeded…if that Verity in the bunker was a bit older she could be a good foil otherwise keep an eye out for Janika Ter Alan, pauls old buddy from nightline…you heard it here on the drinnan-line..

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