MediaWorks Woes At TV3, Not Radio: Update

MediaWorks appointment of Michael Anderson as chief executive would still leave it short on television expertise. The Australian Financial Review has tipped Anderson’s appointment soon. Anderson is a radio man and has been chief executive of the FM radio company Austereo for eight years. He is chairman of outdoor media firm oOh! Media and a director of print and radio-focused Fairfax Media in Australia. (Though the AFR said he would likely be standing down from those board room roles). Industry people I have spoken to Anderson is well respected and liked. He is said to be inclusive – with a personal style that appears to be the polar opposite of Mark Weldon, the man he replaces. Anderson knows media well – so he is several steps ahead of where Weldon  started, But he does not have a background in television.

Hal Crawford- replaced news boss Mark Jennings recently
Hal Crawford- replaced news boss Mark Jennings recently

TV3 has been on  a roller coaster ride, with widespread resignation and loss of institutional knowledge and limited success for a strategy focused on reality shows. So there may be gap to fill yet for expertise that has been abandoned at the channel. MediaWorks radio – with brands such as The Rock, Edge FM and More FM, has been trucking along well in difficult circumstances. It performed well in the latest radio ratings survey.

The appointment of Hal Crawford as “chief news officer” will bring a stronger digital edge to TV radio and especially online operations. The immediate problem for Anderson MediaWorks is to reverse the flow of advertising market share away from TVNZ and Sky TV.  See earlier story, below




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