Minister Replaced Campbell For Emcee Gig Key Joke is close to the bone

John Campbell has apparently been suffering from pneumonia that forced him to suddenly withdrew from emceeing a fundraising dinner in Auckland on June 2 of the Peter Jackson Great War exhibition.  Bizarrely, The Minister for Culture and Heritage Maggie Barry stood in at short notice. Key, who was special guest, said that Barry had done such a good job maybe she should return to her old job.

Cabinet minsister replaced John Campbell
Cabinet minsister replaced John Campbell

That way he might be inclined to accept more invitations to appear on Radio New Zealand, the PM said. By all accounts it was a joke – but why the appearing at such a politicised event that was subsequently emceed by a Cabinet minister. Stuff reported the dinner at the Viaduct Event Centre cost $500 a head.

“The popular exhibition, which opened in April 2015 at Wellington’s Dominion Museum building, traces the history of World War I with a focus on the special role of New Zealanders. Challenges gaining business or charitable backing meant a $15 fee for adults was introduced in March.”

In September 25 last year The NZ herald reported that RNZ has relaxed the rules for its presenters moonlighting at commercial events. The paper reported that John Campbell and his friend RNZ head of content Carol Hirschfeld had both emceed a corporate event for Air New Zealand. As part of their spiel they had played on their daytime role as boss and employee.  On September 25 I wrote in The NZ

On September 25 I wrote in my media column for the NZ Herald

Campbell is being heavily promoted by Radio NZ as the exemplar of independence and integrity.This week he told the Herald he was aware of the possible negative perception of his doing corporate events. Campbell said the Air New Zealand function would be his last corporate event, but he would continue to emcee awards shows.Hirschfeld said she was always very careful which events she worked on. There was no question of her commercial relationships affecting news coverage, she said.

I guess you could argue a fundraising dinner for a museum exhibition is not a corporate event even when Jackson is one of New Zealand’s richest men and enjoyed hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer funding. Key and Campbell may be able to be nice to each other – but neither likes the other. I’m told that Campbell has been in poor health lately.

Campbell and Key were nemeses to one another
Campbell and Key were nemeses to one another.

And the PM’s joking about answering interview requests from RNZ  it probably a bit close to the truth. National has previously frequently refused to be interviewed by the state broadcaster while freely turning up for shock jocks to get a soft ride. It has eased now, but the government continues to starve RNZ of cash in part because of its coverage of politics, in my opinion. The government has picked and chosen the journalists it fronts up to. Which is a a bit of a joke in its own right. I wonder if that had any influence on why Campbell pulled out.


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2 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Minister Replaced Campbell For Emcee Gig</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Key Joke is close to the bone</span>”

  1. John, does Campbell’s withdrawal not strike you as slightly thinned-skinned on his part? Perhaps he could have used humour to defuse or deflect the implied criticism of him. Unless there are other reasons for his withdrawal we are not aware of, this seems petulant on his part. Campbell appears to be still bruised from his evisceration by Key over the GSCB bill.

    1. I guess that assumes that he decided and that was not the organisers or PM idea. I don;t believe journalists should be doing these things at all. But Im old fashioned.

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