Minister And RNZ News Boss Breakfast At The Astoria

Ministers of the Crown are supposed to deal with Crown enterprises through boards and CEOs, to ensure they follow the chain of command. So folk were a little surprised to see the new minister of communications, Clare Curran breakfasting with RNZ head of content (including news) Carol Hirschfeld, at the well known Wellington eatery, The Astoria,.

Carol Hirschfeld RNZ has assembled a team of “stars” led by John Campbell..


RNZ spokesman John Barr played down the meeting, saying the minister happened on the senior news executive while at the restaurant. Hirschfeld was wearing her gym gear at the time. Clearly they wouldn’t have been meeting at the Astoria inn they wanted to kept quiet. The Astoria is the most public place in Wellington., The Minister’s office was more open, and confirmed the two had breakfast together. They discussed “a range of issues about the future of media in NZ”.

Clare Curran, minister of broadcasting and communications.

No doubt these will include Labour plans to pump $38m million into the Radio New  Zealand coffers and the opportunities that may arise, especially of those with a. background television  Maybe I was just n over the coffee cups conversation. But given the state of media and the challenging times head for this government, these ministerial discussions would have been the chairman the board Richard Griffin or the chief executive, Paul Thompson, rather than with the head of news, relaxing in her gym gear over breakfast at the Astoria.

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