The Bachelor Media Circus Goes To The Next Stage Naz says: "Hit Me In Head To Shut Me Up

I don’t know if there was any money in media promoting this latest Duco fight event. But publishers and the events company seem to have taken leave of their senses. They are promoting a Duco talent search for a woman to fight “The Bachelor” contestant Naz Khanjani. In a video promoted by media she invites people to punch her in the head to “shut me up.”

Naz asks:

“I’ve already got boob job, does anyone back themselves to give me a nose job?”

Duco has (bad) form in this area. Last year it wanted to put  impaired Teina Pora. So you’d think media would know better. Perhaps the worst example was in a Stuff – which ran the headline. “Who Wants to hit Naz in the Face”  I know, these Duco support fights are just publicity to promote people paying to see main event boxing even on Sky.

Duco Events boss Martin Sneddon
Duco Events boss Martin Sneddon

For media, it seems to be a continuation of the celebrity hype that went along with the extraordinary coverage of “The Bachelor.” Yes, its true, Duco are talking about a woman opponent so it would not mean a bloke hitting Naz in the head. Media probably see no connection between the organised cat fight and their much-publicised concerns to end domestic violence. They should talk to people in the gay community domestic violence among lesbian couples. The publicity will all be good for Duco. But it would not have hurt Duco and media to be a bit more careful than to pass on a commercial promotion inviting public to hit a beautiful woman in the head.


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