No Campbell, No Cry

CAPTION: Guy Williams is rumoured to be spearheading a new initiative at 7pm

Inevitably John Campbell fans will wish that the end of Story might mean a new beginning and John Campbell being brought  back to TV3. After all, Story was hastily installed to replace CampbellLive after a big falling out with management two years ago. But in my opinion MediaWorks management has never taken that idea seriously, and the new Aussie bosses hearts set on a humorous panel show. Lets face it, TV companies are marking away from journalism. not back towards it.

unknown-61The New Zealand Herald has suggested something like the Australian Ten Network show “The Project”, which explores some strong news angles. But If I were a betting man I would predict the replacement will be more about humour than the news. I have heard the comedy show “Seven Days” mentioned in despatches, as a template The NZ herald is speculating that Guy Williams will take a role. He has long been a part of MediaWorks initiatives.

Seven Days could offer a format for the new TV3 7pm show
Seven Days could offer a format for the new TV3 7pm show

But that is a big ask. It’s all very well to do a weekly show, but try translating that to daily shows and keeping up the laughs. It might work with someone like Paul Henry riffing off news topics, but it would be hard for Guy Williams to keep up. Campbell fans he clearly has his fans who would wish his style of campaigning journalism returned to TV at 7pm. But in my opinion TV3 is never going back to that, and MediaWorks was badly burnt when it was still on air. Fans launched a campaign to keep it on air, and it was embarrassing for MediaWorks. Former chief Mark Weldon played a big part. He may have gone. But the Campbell Live team clashed badly with company director Julie Christie – who had no great love for Campbell. Many of Campbell’s old fans have followed him the Radio New Zealand Checkpoint – where he has maintained somewhat cultish following. Indeed, Checkpoint has taken on some of the traits of Campbell Live.



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