No Shock. No Failure. This Time Henry Leaves On A High

CAPTION: The NZ Herald has reported Henry wants to move  to Palm Springs

MediaWorks and its owners at Oaktree Capital will know that Henry’s departure is a disaster and that it will make it even harder to find a buyer. MediaWorks is losing its only star at a time television faces a big challenge retaining advertising revenue. He has built up the TV audience for his TV3 breakfast show – and he has done that largely without turning to the shock jock tactics of the past ( The recent NZ Herald article excepted), It is true the rise for the Paul Henry show on RadioLive has been less dramatic. But In the latest radio survey, he increased his share of the audience, and the departure of his offsider Hillary Barry has made no impact.

Paul Henry -with more hair
Paul Henry -with more hair

Meantime, his Newstalk ZB competitor Mike Hosking has made significant falls in Auckland and nationally. 2017 really would be a chance for him to make more inroads.  If he were he were not leaving, The good news, he has left gracefully, which is different to previous roles at TVNZ, where he was accused of racism, and from Australian Ten Network, where he had appalling ratings.

Henry’s radio show has edged up from 5.9 to 6.3 share nationally. Newstalk’s Mike Hosking fell from 14.8 per cent nationally to 12.7 per cent.

You can’t blame MediaWorks for accentuating the positive when it confirmed yesterday that Paul Henry is stepping down. They have tried desperately to have him stay. unknown-63He will not be leaving MediaWorks completely and will have guest appearances in the new 7pm comedy news show “The Project” with other stints on other bits and pieces. Henry is a wealthy man. He doesn’t need to get up at 4.30 am to the studio. He does not need to risk being involved in another MediaWorks foray into the 7pm market. The New Zealand Herald reports he has bought a house in Palm Springs. So good luck to him. It looks like a fantastic paradise in Trumps America.

MediaWorks wanted him to move to 7pm. but he said No. Now MediaWorks is taking a financially sensible step of cancelling the magazine lite current affairs show Story and replacing it with the new Aussie format news comedy show The Project. It may prove to be an inspired decision. And good on MediaWorks for investing in local content. It may yet revive the 7pm to 7.30 spot on TV3. Truth is, there would be much less risk involved if Henry had a regular part in The Project.






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