Odd Timing for Henry Hols Star exits on cusp of ratings success

Paul Henry has left his show for a three week winter break. It is odd timing with Hilary Barry replacement Ingrid Hipkiss yet to show an obvious rapport with The Great Man. The Henry Show has been snapping at Breakfast on TV One, in the 25-54 year old demographic at least. It seems inevitable the star’s absence will interrupt the momentum built up through 2016 and coming to a head now. Maybe he is stressed out?

MediaWorks spokeswoman Charlotte McLauchlan said holidays are a normal in presenters schedules, there was nothing unusual in the timing. MediaWorks did not see it as bad for the show. In my opinion Henry Hipkiss have not worked as a pair.

It's not her fault ...
It’s not her fault …

Thats not her fault. She is an accomplished, intelligent presenter. Not everybody can play straight woman to Paul Henry. While on hols “in warmer climes,” Henry will be replaced Mark Sainsbury for nearly two weeks, and Alison Mau for one week. They are both on staff at RadioLive. and both are solid broadcasters with experience holding together a TV show.

Charlotte McLachlan
Charlotte McLachlan

But neither have the high energy style that brings viewers to Henry at Breakfast. To me it is almost as if MediaWorks has given up on the show that was once its great hope. I could be wrong. McLauchlan said no changes were planned for the breakfast programme.




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One thought on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Odd Timing for Henry Hols</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Star exits on cusp of ratings success</span>”

  1. Can Mediaworks really stop PH from taking a break when he wants one?
    I can think of better replacements for Henry too but could be more about getting new listeners to Sainso & Ali Mau’s Radio Live shows…

    I’m warming to Ingrid. Hilary had the personality to be a cohost too but going by the amount of input he gives Ingrid, they’re not looking to replicate that.

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