Paddy had a paddy Gower hit the roof

Tv3 political editor Paddy Gower has a reputation for being fiercely competitive. But he may have surpassed himself in a confrontation with the Green Party and producers for “The Nation” last week. A MediaWorks insider said there was an intense row over a deal where “The Nation” would have had first bite at a Greens investigation into the lobbying efforts of the PM’s lawyer, running alongside a separate  investigation by the NZ Herald.

Planning and co-ordinating media launches is normal political practices in Parliament, but according to my source, Gower would have none of it. He made his views known in very colourful language and in the end, the joint approach had to be called partly because of question whether confidentiality could be maintained. The Greens released the story early. “The Nation”, which no longer had the scoop, gave the story a miss, though the topic was discussed by the panel. In my opinion Newshub did a poor job in what is becoming a simmering scandal for the PM. I asked for comment and both Gower and MediaWorks did not return calls. “The Nation” producer Tim Watkin declined to discuss the background. Greens chief of staff Andrew Campbell said the incident had been dealt with and he did not want to discuss it further.




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