Paddy Is Leaving The Room. How Many Days To Go?

Patrick Gower is stepping down as Newshub’s political editor, after ten years reporting from Parliament.

His departure at the end of this year is no big surprise. Gower has showed a more analytical style in interviews on “The Nation.” And he appeared to have calmed down his tabloid style, this year, possibly because he was aware it had a limited shelf life covering serious politics.

At his peak Gower headed a heavy-hitting news team in the Press Gallery, beating competitors to scoops and gaining admiration from his colleagues and competitors alike. Media turned him into a star. One of his famous lines was his countdowns to elections. Now we will be counting down the days until MediaWorks loses Gower.

Politicians greeted on first name basis, aiming to keep on his good side.

 He maintained strong contacts in government and along the way he became a bete noire for som on the Left,

Bring Back Tova

At the start the Mediaworks team included the talented Tova O’ Brien – now the Mediaworks Europe correspondent. She would be he best person to appoint as replacement, if they could attract her back.

Gower learned his political journalism a the foot of Duncan Garner, but adopted a much more tabloid style of delivery.

He became infamous for his hallway rant against Labour leader Andrew Little over the chinese names debacle. In my opinion, an editorial attack on Kim Dotcom for owning a copy of Mein Kampf was a low point for Paddy.

What will he do next in his role as a “national correpondent.?

In my opinion Three could do worse than place Gower on the panel for “The Project”, adding some oomph to the soft serve 7pm show.

It is not clear just how much the Paddy persona came to represent 3 News and Newshub.

TVNZ took the opposite approach with Corin Dann playing the role straight. Stylistically, Dann is almost the exact opposite,

Duncan Garner was Paddy’s mentor – but he was never such a caricature,

The upshot was that some of uswho liked our political news without affectation drifted back to TVNZ in 2016. That said, Newshub says it’s news ratings have improved this year.

Newshub says Gower’ replacement will be named “in due course.”

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