Richie McCaw’s big spin for Fonterra Using national hero for patsy questions is wrong

I’m taken aback by the latest PR campaign for Fonterra where “Richie McCaw asks the Tough Questions.” Is this really what has New Zealand’s most admired man and most valued sponsorship property has come to? In a series of videos for Fonterra, “Ambassador” Richie McCaw calls in for chats with dairy farmers at 4.31 am  – in the video above it’s with his sister and brother in law, who are very happy to be part of Fonterra.

Of course, not all farmers are so happy, and some Fonterra shareholders would like to see the back of the management team that they believe has done a very poor job. Hence this campaign which is more about PR than advertising, and that seems aimed at its own disgruntled shareholders. Other videos  ask: “What Does Fonterra do for communities?, “Do dairy farmers care for the environment” and “Do farmers use technology.”  Most of us admire Richie. He seems like a good guy and he reflects what many of us like about the kiwi character. Its bit wrong to use a national hero to ask patsy question and claim they are “tough”. Other Richie videos are at

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3 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Richie McCaw’s big spin for Fonterra</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Using national hero for patsy questions is wrong</span>”

    1. I think it is a strange ad – because it seems aimed at promoting the company management to its owners – the farmers. Very strange.

  1. How can Richie McCaw claim to love the land. It’s dairy farming! and he’s into quarrying! You are full of shit Richie.

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