Much of the best journalism nowadays cames from women like Donna Chisholm, Kim Hill and Rebecca Macfie.  Surprisingly, the list of people offering credible Left wing commentary is still dominated by men that have been around a long time. Here is my opinion of the most crediible


Bomber Bradbury: Workers

Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury is an old-time religion socialist who is rare the Left in advocating for the working poor, and who challenges the hipster woke left. Bomber has his off days, and he has a reputation for taking offense easily. But he has stuck with many guises and platforms over the years and has a following amongst traditional Left. (The Daily Blog)



Chris Trotter. Historical perspective.

Another seasoned writer on the Left who maintains an allegiance to ordinary New Zealanders . He brings an understanding of history to understanding the Left perspective. He is one of the few people on the Left who has stood up to the increasingly illiberal and censorious Left by supporting freedom of speech movement.  (Bowalley Road, The Daily Blog) 



Danyl McLauhlan: Intellectual Leader,

Perhaps less well-known to the hoi polloi, Wellington based Danyl McLauchlan is the the clear leader of the intellectual Left In New Zealand. While many journalists  and commentators have become true believers and drifted into a fawning love affair with the government, and has challenging it’s performance. (The Spinoff various)



Gordan Camobell (thorough)

Erudite and intensely analytical, Duncan Campbell came from long stint as a feature writer at the NZ Listener and was closely involved in coverage of the Ahmed Zaoui Affair, has long been at the pointy end of journalism the Left. (Scoop, Werewolf) 





John Campbell: Mainstream Left

He is mainstream, so Is he on the Left? Well he would probably prefer to be called liberal.  Campbell wears his heart on his sleeve. and to me, there is a bit too much John Campbell in John Campbell stories.  But he is beloved by people on the Left as one of them, and made his name with campaigning journalism. He recently ended a stint at Checkpoint an is now a reporter-at-large at TVNZ.


Nicky Hager: Loved and Loathed

The king of New Zealand investigative journalists resents the common allegation he is he Left. But the fact is that books like Dirty Politics have made him beloved by many on the Left, and loathed by many National Party supporters.  I admire him for serioulsy challenging authority while never coming unstuck with the law. ( Spinoff, Various) 


RACHEL STEWART. A Good writer in an important area, her column in the New Zealand herald has maintained the much-needed focus on the environment and life in the country Personally, I once thought her social media profile outside of her Herald was too belligerent. But that has softened, and there is no doubt she makes good arguments with confidence and passion.

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