Sky is the limit (Archived and updated)

There was a lot of talk in the 2000s about Sky TV having a stranglehold on nationwide terrestrial pay TV networks. But the future of pay TV has moved from radio frequencies to the Internet, and it appears that that Sky is no longer the industry bogey man , Sky chief executive John Fellet said that was due to a fundamental decision made three years ago. The decision was that the demand for linear TV had peaked and that linear TV had peaked and that digital terrestrial channels were not the future of TV.

Critics of Sky’s dominance are now much less vocal. Where once it was the enemy it is being seen like other local players and battling overseas competitors like Google, Facebook and Netflix. Indeed the question is whether Sky can survive the rush of new overseas competitors. So did Sky retaining so many UHF frequencies give it an unfair advantage? Back in the Noughties players believed that the lack of restrictions on Sky gave it an unfair advantage. The suggestion that they discouraged alternative pay TV operators from setting up here. Maybe. In retrospect competitors would have faced intense challenges from the likes of Netflix. Sky was also criticised for its dominance of content, That advantage appears to have been undermined now, due to extra competition pushing up the prices for programming,


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