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Kiwi “Celebs” Ashamed Of Being Paid They want you to think they are doing for love

CAPTION: You can bet the Donald got paid.

Some so-called “celebrities” are refusing to allow declarations when have been paid to plug products and services. The acknowledgements are required in of advertising rules. PR sources won’t name names otherwise the celebs and their agents will pack a sad.  Some think that admitting being paid cheapens image and they want to pretend they are doing it for love.

Hanover man Richard Long - he got paid.
Hanover man Richard Long – he got paid.

I’m told that advertising agencies are not too concerned, and advertisers are relaxed as well. Two PR would not comment publicly because it would hurt their negotiations.

What are the tackiest endorsement from a kiwi so called celebrity?

“If someone complains to the Advertising Standards Complaints Board, we get a black mark. said one PR. Its a funny one. I just assume they are paid – either in cash or in contra.  To refuse to admit you are being paid suggests it is something to be ashamed of – and that is an even worse look.


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