Journo Cuts After Building Blowout Opinion

Television New Zealand’s answer to the collapse of journalism has been a $6o million refurbishment. That and a restructure of the news with fewer journalists. Don’t we deserve better from the state broadcaster and the politicians who control it?

TVNZ will not specify the number of journalist jobs that will be lost from the restructuring of news. My sources suggest that maybe 20 editorial positions will go, representing around 10 percent of its news staff. The Christchurch and Wellington bureaus will be cut back with more processing of video from Auckland.

Bill Ralston: TVNZ restructuring claims are bullshit

A few reporters will be moved to smaller provincial centres such as Queenstown and TVNZ chief executive Kevin Kenrick says that new technology will make the news management more efficient and that will make up for the loss of staff. Some people – such as former TVNZ former head of news and current affairs Bill Ralston suggest there will be a loss of quality. Another former TVNZ news executive who would not be named said restructures are inevitable in media, but they seldom lead to the efficiencies they claim. Ralston points out that the first stop for TVNZ cutbacks is the news, while it retains a weighty middle management, As the old TV reporters sign off would put it. “Only time will tell.” But these latest cutbacks aimed at news illustrate the short-sighted thinking of TVNZ and the government.


Kevin Kenrick. Job cuts after blowout

There is so much happening with journalism and media – the only thought from the government is about trimming cost to keep TVNZ afloat I wonder if the TVNZ news operation should be broken away from its struggling Mothership. There is precious little love for news at TVNZ – even though it is largely kept afloat by it news audience. The main point of TVNZ nowadays is the survival of TVNZ.

TVNZ’s big initiative of late has been to undertake a $60 million upgrade of the network centre, after a $23 million blowout. Kevin Kenrick says it is wrong to link the cost overrun. Problems became apparent during work, he said.

Kenrick insists the restructuring cannot be juxtaposed the blown out cost for the refurbishment.

It was the first in 25 years. Maybe. But in my view the result from the taxpayers investing in the flash new building will be the further diminishing of a once proud newsroom, Once shows like Holmes played an active role in the news eco-system.  Nowadays TVNZ news is risk-averse. Of course it rates. And that is what matters for a management team focused on the short term.

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Fight Club: Sky versus TVNZ

Igloo out in the cold

Sky pulls the plug on Igloo on March 31 next year. It’s four-year lifespan is a tribute to Sky TV and its finessing of the New Zealand pay TV market. The set top box was a hybrid of free to air channels and 13 basic sky channels for $19.95 a month. It allowed movie streaming of pay-per-view movies on broadband but it never really caught on.  Until September Sky TV will offer Igloo subscribers the basic Sky package at the Igloo price of $19.95 fee and partial refunds on set top boxes. Initially a joint venture with TVNZ, Igloo was an attempt by arch-rivals to work together rather than against one another. Sky was more ambivalent about the venture than TVNZ.

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Fight Club: Sky versus TVNZ

TVNZ Needs To Regain Control of Seven Sharp Petitioners ridiculous saying Hosking has to go

As public opinion drifts against the Government TVNZ needs to realign SevenSharp from its reliance on Mike Hosking and his conservative views. There are no issues with Hosking promoting the “Tory Mike” brand on the Newstalk ZB breakfast show in his NZ Herald column. But in my opinion a state broadcaster should not be aligning itself with one view of the world. Its like Mike’s views has become the view of State TV – and TVNZ is not so liberal that is a ridiculous notion.

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Fight Club: Sky versus TVNZ

Is Anybody Watching The ads? More ad time is the problem not the solution

Maybe the cheap and nasty ads are the ones we watch.

Having suffered saturation advertising on Kiwi television, many New Zealanders visiting Britain relished the civilized approach there. The BBC had no advertising and the commercial channels had severe limits. As a result, you watched more entertaining TV and paid more attention to the fewer ads you watched.

It seemed the Brits had devised a system that mixed commerciality with public service and the viewer was at the centre of the TV world. At around one twentieth the population, New Zealand could never afford such a system. Instead NZ developed a system that gave advertisers power over programming and allowed with generous taxpayer funding for mostly advertiser-friendly programming.

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Fight Club: Sky versus TVNZ

TVNZ and Stuff in Joint venture Online video news service starts today

A new alliance between TVNZ and Stuff means the two are competing together against NZME. The new online video news service starts on Stuff today (Thursday). The joint venture is said to combine TVNZ video production experience with Stuff’s online distribution network. NZME launched a video news venture recently called Focus recently and NZME has also established WatchMe which includes comedy shows.

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Fight Club: Sky versus TVNZ