TVNZ Needs To Regain Control of Seven Sharp Petitioners ridiculous saying Hosking has to go

As public opinion drifts against the Government TVNZ needs to realign SevenSharp from its reliance on Mike Hosking and his conservative views. There are no issues with Hosking promoting the “Tory Mike” brand on the Newstalk ZB breakfast show in his NZ Herald column. But in my opinion a state broadcaster should not be aligning itself with one view of the world. Its like Mike’s views has become the view of State TV – and TVNZ is not so liberal that is a ridiculous notion.

You’d have thought TVNZ would have learned that from its experience with Paul Henry on Breakfast. But it has walked into the same trap. When John Campbell presented a liberal view of the World on Campbell Live – through his choice of story angles – there may have been an argument SevenSharp should counter with Tory Mike. But instead of pulling back this year, SevenSharp has given him free rein to present his conservative several times a week. Toni Street does not challenge him and comes across as a servile wife.

images-41 The problem is at TVNZ, which has become caught up in Hosking’s brand. The reality is that Seven Sharp is not even current affairs. The slack jawed response from TVNZ  news bosses who believe that his views are just. The reason he is so disliked by the Lefties – and by people who don’t appreciate his style – is because his views are so prominent and it comes across as the editorial opinion of the state broadcaster. Remove the slouch and the sneer and the crafted opinions and he can a good political interviewer if he is disciplined. But Seven sharp finds politics boring. So the only way he can talk about politics is by wheeling out Mike’s opinions – the more trenchant the better.  It looks like Mike has started believing his own hype. that only he knows the views of  “Middle New Zealand.” TVNZ producers just needs to stand up, and show that they knows something as well. It needs to take back control of SevenSharp.





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18 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">TVNZ Needs To Regain Control of Seven Sharp</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Petitioners ridiculous saying Hosking has to go </span>”

  1. John, surely the ratings should determine whether Hoskings should be on SevenSharp or not, rather than some notion of balancing political opinions of various broadcasters. Personally I can’t bear to watch SevenSharp or Hoskings because of the trivial nature of the news “items” and his appalling dress sense. But enough other people do watch and advertisers are persuaded to part with their money, so be it.

    1. I think there is the pretence that a news programme backed by the state should be about more than just ratings. If it is just opion and does not count as news, they should admit it. I say the petitioners to get rid of Hosking are ridiculous. TVNZ allowed Hosking to take over the show.

    1. Agree – but it is subject to current affairs standards – which TVNZ insists it meets. The same goes for Story.

  2. I totally agree with you John,when one man has so much freedom to voice his views while rubbishing anyone who happens to disagree with him is dangerous and tvnz should be for every New Zealanders.Mike is so out of touch with every day kiwis and the daily struggles that people who don’t drive 300,000 dollar cars face

  3. The point Ian Grant raises is an interesting one. Traditionally, the Broadcasting Standards Authority has given current affairs shows a bit of slack. But Hosking admits he is not a journalist… which suggests that Seven Sharp therefore cannot be “journalism.”
    If that’s the case, then Seven Sharp should be obliged to meet the normal BSA requirements of fairness and balance – something Hosking patently does not do at present. So the solution is not a daft petition – it’s a complaint to the BSA.

    1. I agree – TVNZ complaints committee okayed Hosking assault on Andrew Judd because he was allowed a personal opinion. It is not yet clear whether the complainants have gone to the BSA. It seems to mer TVNZ wants it both ways – it wants ability for non journalist stars to attack public – but believes it bears no responsibility for attack.

  4. Mike Hosking is a talented interviewer and presenter. Trouble is he has been indulged by producers and developed 3 traits that will sink him. (1) He has become mannered and preening in his presentation: sleeve pull, lapel pull, shoulder shrug, pout swagger -repeat. (2) In claiming to know ‘middle New Zealand’ he has become arrogant and bombastic – traits ‘ordinary kiwis’ detest. (3) He has remained John Key’s cheer-leader at a time when the PM is increasingly showing fragility. Viewers who once respected his brain are now doubting Mike’s smarts.

  5. TVNZ should be sold off. The govt has no business being in broadcasting.

    Of course commies rush to complain of Hosking and his opinions, but they’re silent with Radio NZ and its unrelenting left wing bullshit.

    If both broadcasters were privatised then they could employ whoever they wanted and produce whatever program they liked.

    This should also disabuse commies of the notion they can tell the owners of private businesses how to run them, but it probably won’t.

    Communism is so deeply embedded in the NZ psyche today that private businesses are hated by a large sector of the community, who no matter what, are so FITH they will always think they have as many rights in running it as the people who have their money in it.

    1. Commies? RNZ = left wing bullshit.
      Have you just arrived on a time machine from the 1950’s?
      You are on the wrong website Ratbaiter – get over to Whale Oil as fast as you can. You will find copious closed and bitter minds just like yours, waiting to spew their special fawning brand of hate and racism. You will feel right at home there.

  6. I’d love to see Hosking lose his income this may bring him down to ground. It makes me sick who he brown noses with.

    1. I have to disagree with you on that. The problem is TVNZ’s for not managing it properly. I dont think we should sack people because we don’t agree with their politics. Take the complaints to TVNZ.

  7. Why would you think that a petition to remove Hosking is childish? Isn’t this one of the few ways that viewers can react to how they believe they are not being served or represented by the “State Broadcaster”? Isn’t this just democracy at work?
    Even though people could petition TVNZ to “reign him in”, some people have lost faith in the national broadcaster to represent their interests.

    1. Its illegal for governments to get involved in sacking journalists or broadcasters. What next – a bunch of right wing people petition for the government to take Bryan Bruce or left leaning documentaries off air. The NZ on Air deputy chair Stephen McElrea tried something similar a few years back. I don’t want politicians taking a direct role in programming, let alone a pseudo current affairs show.

      1. I would definitely sign a petition to take Bryan Bruce off the air for good! And preferably ship him off to Stewart Island or somewhere else suitably remote 😛

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